The performance of O What by Katherine Longstreth
Choreography by KL© Photo by Kevin Marling

O WHAT  2013

In O What (companion solo to O Where) original musical mash-ups, layer familiar songs from the American canon to sound both recognizable and unfamiliar, evoking a nostalgia for an Americana which may exist only in our imaginations. Costumes perform outsized roles in both dances. In O What a giant yellow petticoat, poised at the end of a strip of grass, adorns the dancer in a variety of ways as lantern, daffodil, and head-dress. Music by Aaron Copland, Allie Wrubel/Ray Gilbert, and Richard Rodgers/Oscar Hammerstein. Performed by Christy Funsch.  >PLAY VIDEO

State: not anywhere near to now | CounterPULSE Theater | San Francisco 2013
The How and the Why of It | Studio 2 | Portland 2013
The How and the Why of It | West End Theater | New York 2013