Katherine Longstreth performing O Where
Choreography by KL© Photo by Kevin Marling

O WHERE  2011

O Where (companion solo to O What) layers images, creating a flipbook of visual references from our cultural history, revealing the tension between idealized pasts and unrealizable futures. As in O What, the costume plays a important role. White tails transform Longstreth from nun to Fred Astaire, and when she takes the coat off it comes alive as her partner, and then returns to inanimate object when she folds it to be home plate. The musical mash-up for O Where, created by Longstreth, features iconic American songs layered to create an aural experience both familiar and jarring. Music by Antonin Dvorak, Robert Guion, Harold Arlen, and E.Y. Harburg. Performed by Katherine Longstreth.  >PLAY VIDEO

State: not anywhere near to now | CounterPULSE Theater | San Francisco 2013
The How and the Why of It | Studio 2 | Portland 2013
The How and the Why of It | West End Theater | New York 2013
One Festival | Headwaters Theater | Portland 2011
25th Anniversary Performance Mix Festival | Dixon Place | New York 2011