Fieldwork is a process for giving feedback to artists which has been in practice for over twenty five years in cities across the US, Canada and Europe. It was developed by Steve Gross and other performing artists in NYC and offers artists a dedicated time, space, and test-audience to cultivate their art. Katherine deeply values the feedback of peer artists and Fieldwork is an integral part of her creative process. She has facilitated Fieldwork groups for many years in New York as well as in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Miami, and at Earthdance (in Plainfield, Massachusetts). In Portland, she has initiated groups at Bodyvox, Conduit, and the N.E.W. Artist Residency Program. In addition to facilitating Fieldwork, Katherine has over twenty years experience in aesthetic education as a Teaching Artist for the Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts, Dancing in the Streets, and St. Luke’s Orchestra. She has taught dance to children and adults, at-risk youth, juvenile prisoners, and adults with Alzheimer’s.

Portland is part of The Field Network of sites which include in the U.S.: Atlanta, Boulder, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Milwaukie, Salt Lake, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC, and in Europe: Berlin and Vienna. For more information about the Network, please visit The Field's website here, The Field, or email